Post-game coach handshake

Dylan or other,

When the two coaches shook hands post game yesterday, Juwan pointed to someone on the floor and said something to coach Gard and they appeared to talk for a bit. Seemed different than the usual post game back slapping.

Any ideas on content of discussion? Possibly related to Brad Davidson un-called flagrant foul?


I didn’t notice anything. I actually think they had a longer conversation in Ann Arbor too and Juwan was asked about it and said something along the lines of that they’d become friendly on B1G Zoom calls this summer.

I saw that too, and Juwan definitely pointed to the same spot on the court where the Davison incident happened. It didn’t seem contentious, maybe just explaining to Gard what he saw and why he got so heated at the time?


That’s what I thought too.

Thanks for bringing this up. Given Juwan’s demeanor and rep I assume that all those encounters are going to be friendly banter, but he did start the exchange by pointing to that spot.

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We joked that Juwan pointed at J. Davis and told Gard how much he was impressed (and that he needs more minutes than Davison; not that he’d say that part). Non-zero chance of that being correct.


Love it!!!