Possible Michigan schedule with makeups

Now I’m not familiar with logistics here, but here’s something I came up with after looking at everyone’s schedules:

Tues Feb 11 - Illinois
Sun Feb 14 - @ UW
Tues Feb 16 - @ PSU (makeup)
Thurs Feb 18 - Rutgers
Sun Feb 21 - @ OSU
Wed Feb 24 - @ NW (makeup)
Sat Feb 27 - @ Indiana
Mon Mar 1 - Indiana (makeup)
Thu Mar 4 - Iowa
Sat Mar 6 - @ MSU (moved 1 day up)
Mon Mar 8 - MSU (makeup)

This obviously involves playing on Monday, March 8th which is not currently a game date. However, I did that because it gives the guys one day off instead of playing back to back if they move up the other MSU game to the 6th. Ultimately, it is still 11 games in 25 days. I think this would probably be the best way to schedule the remaining games, but we’ll see what the conference decides. Any thoughts or ideas?


Seems pretty accurate. I posted elsewhere yesterday that the Feb 16th slot against PSU is the only opportunity to make up a game before the break starting Feb 22nd and ending Feb 26th.

Seems imperative to get that PSU game rescheduled if there’s any realistic hope of fitting all 20 games in.

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That schedule is asking for injuries/COVID infections. Running down their immune systems, traveling all the time.

Just pull an OSU football and get the regular games in at a healthy spacing - seed based on whatever games played.

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No idea whether it’d work, but if you nailed it, this is an early candidate for Post Of The Year.

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Well they just announced times and TV for scheduled games on Feb. 14-21. No mention of any reschedules.

Gonna get awfully tight if they don’t put anything in that early window if they want to get all 20 in.

Saw it mentioned by Tim McCormick that most likely they only make up 1 of the games.

What was his logic behind saying that?

That sounds off to me. I’d be surprised by an odd number of makeups. Might as well stop at 16

Tim’s discussion of the lockdown has not been particularly attached to reality (he strongly implied that Michigan would be able to get back to practicing early and that this was would be a good thing for team)… Clear he doesn’t really have any inside info as far as what’s going on with it.

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11 games in 25 days plus a potential conference tournament. I hope that doesn’t happen. Sounds like a great recipe for fatigue and injury.

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