Position-by-position breakdown: Point guard

With practices starting today, are there going to be any open practices on the horizon? I am definitely chomping at the bit for the season and indications of how the team will be run


X must have spent a some amount of time this summer figuring out a counter to not being able to go left right? It’s not like you have to commit wholesale to going left or going right, you just need to add something to keep the defense honest. Maybe I just play with a bunch of scrubs, but it seems like something you fix with some attention, not something you can’t fix.

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This is another great article and am looking forward to rest of the series position by position. I echo the comments by nswan and Ethan. I am confident we will be presently surprised with X’s shooting this year. He was up to the free throw shooting challenge the end of last year and I’m sure he’s been working hard at both the challenge of being able to go left comfortably and to improve his shooting touch. I am looking forward to seeing the lefty hook shot too. Go X and Go Blue!