Poll: Who is Michigan's top scorer off the bench?

Assume the Italy starting lineup of Derrick Walton, Caris LeVert, Zak Irvin, Kameron Chatman and Mark Donnal.

Who leads Michigan in points and minutes off the bench?

I’d have to say Dawkins

If Doyle gets 15-20 mins a game, he could average 8 pts a game.

A couple put backs, a few free throws and wahlah…

Obviously our starters will gets most of the mins, but Doyle will most likely get the most mins off the bench, along with Spike.

Depending on how Dawkins develops this year, I’ll go MAAR or Doyle.

MAAR can get to the line more then I was expecting. Good for us. Hopefully that will continue!


I don’t see Doyle getting many post touches

Spike. if only because everyone else is unknown at this point and you can pretty much assume that Spike will get his minutes

I’ll go with Doyle based on sheer opportunity in terms of minutes. He’s going to play at least 15 minutes a game. Second choice (if Doyle ends up starting) would be MAAR because he will have the ball in his hands moreso than others.

Doyle. MAAR #2.


Where are the minutes coming from MAAR?

Caris 35 mpg, Spike 15 mpg, Walton 30 mpg 75/80 minutes available at the 1 an 2.


Doyle because of the minutes.

MAAR because of FT’s or Spike because he’s a baby-Tony Parker.
But minutes aren’t going to be plentiful for them.

Darkhorse: Wilson. If he’s good enough, he could find time at the 5 and maybe some at the 4. He’ll get points from the 5 spot.

Results so far (giving 1/2 and 1/3 points for people who gave multiple answers):

Doyle - 3-1/2 votes
Spike - 2-1/3 votes
Dawkins - 2 votes
Abdur-Rahkman - 1-1/6 votes

Need more votes.

I think Doyle will be the starter, so I’ll go with Donnal. Donnal could also sub in the 4 spot.

After that, Spike. Then MAAR.