Poll: How many U-M players will average double figures?

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and who will they be?

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For those curious, create a poll with code like this:

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LeVert, Irvin, Walton.

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These polls are fun. Nice feature.

I’m gonna go with 4. Walton, Levert, Irvin, and… I’ll let you know.

3.5 seems like the over-under line. LeVert and Irvin seem like safe bets as long as Zak doesn’t start off too slowly. Then Walton is a good bet, and Dawkins has a pretty decent shot, but if I had to guess I’d say 3.

That seems like a fair bet… Here are Michigan’s double-digit scorers by season

  • 2015: LeVert, Irvin, Walton
  • 2014: Stauskas, Robinson, LeVert
  • 2013: Burke, Hardaway, Stauskas, Robinson
  • 2012: Burke, Hardaway
  • 2011: Morris, Hardaway
  • 2010: Harris, Sims

That breakdown by season really reminds me how impactful Timmy was to the team during his career. Even if he didn’t have a very diverse game his freshman season, he was still putting up numbers.

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Levert, Irvin, Walton

Too many other contributers…when we had 4 scoring double they were all averaging 30+ minutes per game. Does Dawkins get that much time with Robinson, Chatman, and Wilson on the bench? I don’t see it.

LeVert, Robinson and Irvin/Dawkins

This might be the worst poll question every created… Literally everyone has voted for 3 people :slight_smile:

You don’t think Walton will average double figures…?

It will not surprise if he does, but I expect him to be more of a facilitator this year.