POLL: How many Big Ten wins does Michigan need to make the NCAA tournament?

Personally I think the magic number is 11 to put them in the conversation.

Agree with 11 and at least one win in the BTT.

11 and a big ten tourney win

10 if we can win 1-2 big road games like Maryland and Ohio State.

I would say 10 with 2 wins in BTT. which leads me to a question… What is format of new BTT? Do top 2 teams get byes or do more get byes with some getting double byes?

Looks like more get byes and double-byes.

11 wins is the mark plus a conference tourney win will be needed as well. Coaching miracle if it does.

11 plus 1 in the tourney. 10 plus 2 might do it too but will be close.

Who would have thought we’d be tied for 1st after four League games?

Oh and I think we have to win at least 2 games out of the Maryland, OSU, MSU, and Wiscy matchups. I believe we only play Maryland and Wisconsin once so that’s 6 opportunities.

10-8 gets us in the conversation. 11-7 puts us near lock territory.

I’d generally be inclined to say that 11 is lock territory, but the B10 isn’t very good, so I think we need a few quality wins against that are either on the road or Wisc to feel totally comfortable.

Tough to get to 11 without at least 1 or 2 nice wins I figure. Tough to make any sense of the Big Ten right now.

Michigan’s RPI and SOS should be solid. SMU, Arizona, and Villanova could all win their respective conferences which helps.

The A-10 got 6 bids last year. The Big Ten is down for Big Ten standards, but I don’t see the BT getting less than 6 bids.

I agree with the consensus of 11 regular season wins plus at least one in the BTT. With the new tourney format (top 4 teams get byes into the quarterfinals), it may be better for a team in our situation to finish 5th or 6th than 4th; that Thursday win could be more important than the day off.

The bye situation is always tricky…

Look at Nebraska last year … They finished fourth and then lost to OSU and fell into the first four. Figure they probably would have rather played Purdue first then open against OSU, but on the other hand if you lose against Purdue it can probably knock you out.

Syracuse just lost McCullough to a torn ACL so that probably puts them closer and closer to the Bubble/NIT talk after they had actually had a solid start to ACC play.

Hopefully if their season dive bombs people will realize that we played them at full strength and our win against them won’t be discredited by the terrible RPI system.