Podcast: What to expect from Dug McDaniel moving forward & listener questions


Here to express solidarity with Eric and his Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. I am another Jewish person who did not know the term but happens to have one in his living room right now. This year it’s the ficus. We’re never home for the holidays anyways.

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To be fair to me… It was an actual Christmas tree, not another tree that looked like a Christmas tree :rofl:

Well then when they give out the umhoopsies this year I’m definitely not a candidate for the Best Jewish Person Christmas Tree award. Eric may be.


Very much appreciate the solidarity. My fiancé made me watch A Charlie Brown Christmas last night after I told her what happened on the pod… I didn’t remember but I had seen it a long time ago, just forgot what actually happened.

Also, Dylan greatly exaggerated – the tree doesn’t look anything like the movie lol. It was mostly cut off in the background of the Zoom, though, so I’ll give him somewhat of a pass.


This sounds like A Very UMHoops Podcast Moment. I thoroughly enjoyed it and its aftermath.

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I am jewish as well, and have seen the movie several times, and knew Dylan’s reference immediately! Y’all are crazy!

Also, I’m glad my question didn’t get laughed at on-air this time!

Finally, I listened to this and a Dunc’d on consecutively on my flight, and they were discussing, with Seth Partnow, a proprietary stat of Partnow’s - total usage which includes assists.

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I think that usage with assists stat would be way more useful in the NBA where they record “key passes” to use a soccer term or passes that lead to a shot.

Without it, the assists don’t tell the full story.

Yeah he said he includes those and “potential assists” (assists where the guy doesn’t make the shot) too

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Yep. That is really a money stat for trying to understand the importance of shot creation.

It gets to some mind breaking numbers

Doncic gets pushed to nearly 70%
Curry and Young over 60%

I am here to protest the description of Dug as ‘tiny.’ It’s wrong, it’s immoral, it’s unbecoming of the Michigan community. And Phil Martelli of all people has also committed this grave sin.

Is Tyger Campbell tiny? Is Zakai Zeigler tiny? Ok, maybe Zakai, but there is no place for heightism in D1 hoops.

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Dug is definitely tiny. Doesn’t mean he can’t be good, but he is quite small.

Zeigler is the recent comp IMO.

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I hosted a late night show last week with Lavall Jordan (who is awesome by the way) on and got to ask him about what he expects of Dug before the Minnesota game, and on-air he called him “Little Duggy” twice. He is now Little Duggy to me.



Zeigler is listed as 5’9"

And Dug is listed at 5-11. I’m not sure that really tells me much regarding how tall either is.

Love that Dylan had to get in one last jab at the “roster construction” phrasing that has occurred here :rofl:

Great discussion, and you guys got ROLLING once the Q&A started.

Podcast construction was superb. (srsly, the format was great as was the content, even if Dylan needs to just read the dern dictionary entry for ‘construction’)

Tells me they sure aren’t 6 feet tall. Dug’s not pulling a Kevin Garnett here.

Is this a pronunciation thing I do wrong? Not sure what you mean.