Podcast: What’s right with Michigan State, what’s wrong with Michigan, and Big Ten thoughts


Surprised by BQ’s optimism!

Finally got thru this today. Had a couple thoughts.

On MSU it was a good breakdown of why things are better and what (if any) dents there are in the armor. On the one hand, I think it is a clear indication of how important PG play is and perhaps confirms why we are seeing Michigan struggle. On the other hand…it feels odd that the guys mostly responsible for the things discussed (rim protection, shooting, length, defense, etc) were all on the team last year. I have to wonder what that team looks like if Brown, Hall, and Bingham played the minutes they are this year while Hauser, Langford and others didn’t. (Still feels like MSU isn’t playing their best guys enough minutes…)

I do think that Langford coming back hurt MSU last year. He wasn’t a positive on either end and MSU played him a lot.

Don’t really see the same issue this year as far as playing the wrong guys.

On Michigan, I get the leadership thing and I agree that Livers/Wagner were just so much better than what we have this year on and off the court.

But…not sure if I entirely buy the argument since last year we had an up transfer (Smith), a transfer from a horrible program (Brown), a true freshman (Hunter), Eli, and Livers who was coming off an injury and never having shown much leadership. Turned out great. The mix this year is mostly younger, but still has experience and talent and just as many new faces.

I think shooting and team defense trump leadership, drive, and experience.