Podcast: What happened against Northwestern?


Wow that was a quick turnaround for this pod!


Recorded last night with a couple beers before turning attention to MSU today.


Never heard the descriptor “flat track bully” before. Where does that come from?

I just looked it up and immediately thought of Roy Williams and Robert Porcher. Good for 3 touchdowns or 3 sacks against the dregs of the NFL, so the numbers look better at the end of the season than they really are.

Hahah, I think it is a soccer term that I’ve heard used a bit?

Apparently it’s a cricket term…

“Originally used for batsmen in cricket who tended to make hay while the sun shone and pitches were flat and thus unhelpful to bowlers”

Yeah, cricket origin but used often in soccer to describe strikers who score lots of goals against bad teams and don’t score versus good teams.

So glad you mentioned Hunter’s play with 2 fouls late in the 1st…I understand/agree that his offense is so important that it likely makes it worth it (especially with Moussa also with 2), But Hunters defense within that “zone” was atrocious and a major liability. It makes me get on board for the auto bench a little more.

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Haven’t listened to pod yet. My current pet peeve is why put Dickinson in position to get these offensive fouls. Especially in the first half. IMO he should not be making contact with any opposing players 15+ feet from the basket. Drives me crazy. Slip the screen. DO NOT MAKE CONTACT WITH LITTLE GUARDS. The whole point of the routine is to get him in the low block and throw him the ball. Why not do the same thing without unnecessary physical contact??