Podcast: We Have Real Games! Early Surprises, Ball Screen Defense, Rotation and More


Great pod! You do expect them to be an elite defense right? Potentially better than last year? Just asking because it almost sounds like you’re suggesting they need to hide Caleb haha

Long term I don’t think the diabate on elite wings things is an absurd thought. Thought crossed my mind during the game, diabate showed elite lateral quickness at img. I could see juwan doing this, sort of reminded me of how juwan put Franz on nance.

Haven’t listened to the pod yet but rewatched the first 10 min the other night. I really don’t understand why they weren’t playing drop unless it was to get reps against a team they felt they were better than. Their 5’s were non players and Jeenathan would’ve ended up w far fewer looks at the rim.

Finally caught the pod. On Diabate guarding wings: “I thought it was an interesting question that someone, I don’t remember who, asked. It’s an interesting thought.” Nicest thing @umhoops has ever said about me.


Sorry for not shouting you out by name, I wasn’t looking at the Q at the time. :rofl:

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