Podcast: Understanding Michigan's loss to Oregon, and some listener mail

You ended pod talking about BIG point guards Simpson might struggle to contain. Looked like Marcus Carr could be added to Cassius Winston. Carr is quick, strong, can handle the ball. I don’t know much about him but he looks really talented

He was awesome today but he shoots 40% on twos and 28% on threes on the year.

Right. Right. I could see shot selection being an issue, but the talent and skill level looks top shelf.

“Don’t sleep on Purdue” I just heard.

Even if 15-5 is what might win the league, I don’t think @ Nebraska can be one of the 5.

Ha. Did I say that?

I don’t like this Purdue team, but it was in rough shape last year and look where they ended up.

Also MSU shared the league at 16-4 last year and 3 of 4 losses were to non tourney teams.


OSU went down in Minni too. Still no road winner in conference games.

…which is the direction OSU allowed him to go almost every time.

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Ha! I didn’t watch him that closely but it looked like he has nice handle, with a killer crossover. He played the way I imagine Jordan Poole would have liked to play at Michigan, if Coach Beilein would have put no restrictions on him. He does seem a little quicker than Poole but not nearly as nice looking shot. I’ll be looking for Minnesota games to get another look at his game.

For some reason Google Podcasts is not showing this one.

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Really appreciated the point about OSU’s schedule. Did not know they tend to play an easier one, but that does help explain the strong starts and less-strong finishes that I’d noticed these past 2 years.

Also, nod @ BQ for bringing up Boris Johnson in an appropriate way.

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Same issue for me.

I think I finally got this fixed yesterday. Not sure why it didn’t work but got the feed to update manually on Google.


Showing up for me now, much appreciated.

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