Podcast: Two rivals approaching make-or-break time


Love this pod, Dylan. Big thanks to you and BQ for doing these.

(Quick aside, I’m fairly certain it’s pronounced “Ree-vurs” as opposed to “Roo-vurs.” )

EDIT: Just got to the part about Khalil Iverson. I lol’d at Dylan’s “I don’t know what he gives them.” You mean self-satisfied smiles after dunks isn’t a tangible thing?! :rofl:

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Old school Center Jon Teske? I can see a comparison between Bill Laimbeer and Jon Teske as Jon’s game matures. Both big body, good defensive rebounding, nice screeners, and able to shoot 3’s, combined with a near non existent post game. Teske to my recollection moves his feet better but probably not going to be the defensive rebounder Bill Laimbeer was.

You can make argument Teske already better college player. Took Laimbeer getting traded from Cavs to Pistons to find his niche

I like the twice a week podcast. Thanks for keeping them rolling.

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Thanks for listening guys. Slowly but surely trying to grow the pod.


I agree the way Jon Teske shoots reminds me of the Detroit Pistons Bill Laimbeer, however, Bill Laimbeer was not that guy in College.

However the Notre Dame Bill Laimbeer was another thing. Coming into Notre Dame, Bill was a very highly rated recruit, however, he was also a spoiled rich kid. He spent more time early in his career at Notre Dame on the golf course then in class or working on his hoops game. Bill actually flunked out of Notre Dame and spent his Sophomore year at Owens Technical College outside of Toledo. (He returned to ND for his Junior and Senior years).

As a result, he wasn’t very highly regarded coming out of Notre Dame and was the 3rd round draft choice of the NBA Cleveland Cavaliers. He spent his 1st pro year playing in Europe and that was where he really improve his game, especially his shooting. However, he really didn’t hit his stride until Jack McCloskey of the Pistons traded Phil Hubbard for him in 1982.

The whole trade was Phil Hubard, Paul Mokeski, 1982 1st and 2nd round picks for Kenny Carr and Bill Laimbeer. Most Pistons fans thought McCloskey wanted Carr, but Jack later admitted, he was targeting Laimbeer the whole time.

McCloskey after the season traded Carr for the Trailblazers 1st round pick (Ricky Pierce) and he had his Center for the next 11 seasons. One of many key moves Trader Jack made to make the Pistons an NBA Champion!!


Teske has 4 turnovers total in Big 10 play? That’s incredible at 30 minutes a game.

Great work. I like how Dylan somehow wound up with a night out on Quinn by betting against Archie.


You have to know when to fold your hand and bet another one :wink: