Podcast: Two losses and lots of takes

Looking forward to listening. Wasn’t sure what thread to post in but it’s pretty shocking to me how out-of-touch a lot of #MichiganTwitter is with this hoops team right now. Just really don’t get it at all but trying to make headwaves with a hot take because we played a top-5 game all of the sudden. Thankful for these forums


Michigan football twitter leaks into Michigan basketball twitter unfortunately


The “casuals” as Ant Wright likes to call them on Twitter are the worst. Basketball is even worse because it’s sillier to overreact to individual games than football.

That’s right Casuals or only fans when they are rolling. Pretty much why I don’t bother with twitter. That and politics.

I have no emotion over last night’s loss. It happens, probably should have been expected with their schedule and will be good for the team going forward. The sky is not falling.


Va only scored 40 pts against Purdue so M wasn’t the only top 5 to score low 40s in the challenge