Podcast: Thoughts on Kobe Bufkin, Tarris Reed Jr. and Dug McDaniel after Michigan's win over MSU


Where are you collecting questions for the podcasts? I never know where to ask them.

Twitter! But ask one here and I’ll remember to try to answer it next go 'round.

Just listened, holy cow what a ricochet shot at Matt Vogrich :rofl::rofl::rofl:. Audibly gasped at that one lol.

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Loved the discussion on end-game plays, and how if you froze the screen right as the ball is being released, you’d not guess which shots were going in very often. Sounds like some fun off-season material!!!

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Yeah, that discussion was good…which is why sometimes you chalk it up to luck. NW is winning their close games and we aren’t… probably a lot of luck. Also, having two old guards versus two young ones is part of that.

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Not a chance. Elon Musk’s not getting any of my money unless I get a rocket ship, or at least an electric car.

I’d be interested to hear what kind of defensive schemes might be implemented in a superior defense built around a player like Reed. Blitzing ball screens? Half-court traps? Which of these would work best with a tiny, quick PG on the court at the same time?

Given how well it worked out for Luke Yaklich to arrive as the defensive coaching specialist while Michigan already had Matthews, Simpson, and Teske on board (though none had shown anything non-humiliating in a Michigan uniform), will the presence of Reed (and in the future Kante) serve to sway a good assistant coaching candidate if/when Juwan overhauls the staff this year?