Podcast: The Inaugural Moving Screen Big Ten Draft

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I like this idea. Question is, how do you rank the results and figure out next year’s draft order?

We are scoring it so we can follow along throughout the year. No roster moves or changes, top 7 players count.

Who drafted the best team?

  • Polzin
  • Osterman
  • Burkhardt
  • Quinn
  • Couch

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I’ll take X with shooters.

Loved this. I was cracking up the entire time


When Polzin asked if it was a good time to tell you all how to pronounce his name I almost spit out my drink lol


Great discussion, great format. Have mentioned it before but really appreciate all the work on the pod. You 2 are great, but integrating guests went really well too.

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I’d rank the top teams:

Dylan > Polzin > Quinn > Osterman > Couch

I don’t know who has who but I’d pick Couch last


How are the teams fairing?


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