Podcast: Sweet 16 preview: Michigan, Michigan State and the chase for the Elite Eight



That’s what I’m talking about


What’s the magic number of 3s the Wolverines need to knock down to win?


So since TTU is going to ICE everything and give up the pick and pop, do you think we see a lot of 1-4 ball screens? Kind of like the Rutgers game. Teske is hit or miss as a shooter but if the pop is open that seems like an area Livers/Iggy could have some success in. Or would TTU just switch all those ball screens if they’re not 1-5?


If Odiase is out there at the 4, I expect we’d attack with the 1-4 pop. Otherwise, they’ll just switch that screen.


I expect Texas Tech to switch as opposed to ‘Icing’ most ball screens. More on that tomorrow…


I know they play a Spurs-like defense that funnels all drives to the baselines, but their personnel and Michigan’s struggles against switching d’s gives me reason to suspect a somewhat diversified approach. I just an’t imagine them not icing Zavier though, given how lethal he can be in the lane as a distributor (and with the hook!). I look forward to reading your thoughts tomorrow :slight_smile:


Awesome podcast

Brendan starts off the show so professional then descends into some “my bad” moments. He’s mercurial like Jordan Poole. Picking Gonzaga to win it all because “jesuits” was profound


Sure makes sense to see more 1-4 p/p.


I’m pretty confident that Texas Tech will switch (At least) a 1-4 ball screen. I also would be shocked if the two big lineup plays more than 10 mins together.