Podcast: Surviving and advancing (and arguing) in Des Moines

Wasn’t expecting this. Are we gonna be blessed with a Pod after every round?

Were MSU’s Best 3 played games the 3 against Michigan? Seems like it to me. When they are focused and energized, they are very impressive. Clearly a top 10 team. But, when they are even just a notch below that, they seem pretty average. Which would explain why they were able to beat Michigan 3 times but lose to Indiana twice.


Kind of a short podcast for you guys. I guess the bars close early in Des Moines.


Great stuff. We all know Izzo, and last night was about as bad as he gets publicly. Bad timing and ugly, but let it go. Suggest counseling? :joy: Sure hope Michigan hits more 3’s Saturday or subscribers will be anxious. Wish I was on your flight headed back. :tropical_drink: