Podcast: Our bets on the Big Ten title chase and Big Ten bubble teams


Man, I feel like it’s a lock that Hunter will leave AND get drafted.

On what basis? Hard to project the second round but I don’t really see any real chance of him going in the first round.

Maybe if he makes another 25+ threes this year that changes? :man_shrugging:

If the 3 point shooting holds up through the season and passes the eye test in workouts, I would guess he goes in the second? He becomes a better prospect than Luka at that point, who went in the second

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I am not saying that I necessarily expect him back but I just don’t see a lot of NBA intrigue there.

His shot looks pretty legitimate to me, regardless of how he finishes this season. I also feel like he’s an underrated passer and has really good vision for a big man. Could he be a poor man’s Jokic? I bet a team is willing to spend a 2nd round pick to find out.

I was going to make the Garza comp also. Garza was also slow of foot and a bad athlete or defender. Hunter is definitely bigger/longer than Garza and a better post defender at least. If he legit shoots 40% this year how is he not a second round pick like Garza was? Kofi is projected in the second round and is a better defender and athlete but does nothing else as well as Garza or Hunter. TJD is also projected in the second round for reasons that evade my comprehension.

Look, I would love for Hunter to realize that a two way contract and season full of G-League games isn’t worth being big man on campus with NIL money. I also don’t get why Hunter is so far off NBA radars when others are at least on the fringe. If the Plumlee and Olynyk types can carve out a career…I can see why Hunter thinks he could.

I wouldn’t be so sure

Buy em all up, gents. Let’s help HD decide!

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