Podcast: NBA Draft reactions and offseason roster evaluations


Does this mean Khayat to Xavier??? :thinking:

Big thanks to Brendan for bringing this up… no Ron Harper Jr. in the draft? Incredible stuff.

Just want to note I got a Parler ad to open the show. :joy:

This was the only time we could record the pod so the timing of it has nothing to do with anything else other than the timing of Brendan’s golf trip.


Brendan wouldn’t have wanted UNC to recruit Caleb Love

I feel like Love’s entire career has been redefined by his NCAA Tournament explosion. His perceived value and his career stats are an interesting juxtaposition.


For sure. And he even had a a couple very poor games in the tournament, but essentially won them 2 games. Now he’s coming back for a 3rd year and returning him, even with all his warts, puts UNC in a very enviable spot


Was a little disappointed that UM and MSU’s defenses didn’t get a little more discussion. But great to finally have another pod!!

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