Podcast: More questions than answers as Big Ten play begins


Loving the pod!

I understand that they need to spend the time off working with Johns at the 5, because until Davis comes back there are no other options. But man, it seems time to give up hope that he’s going to ever actually be good. When Davis gets back, he gets the back up minutes at the 5 and Williams can get the back up minutes at the 4.

Getting Davis back at some point will be great for depth in a sense, but he really doesn’t bring anything to the equation that’s different than what Dickinson brings.

  • If your ball screen defense isn’t working with Dickinson, Davis won’t help.
  • If you can’t clean up the defensive glass, Davis won’t help.
  • If the other team is going small, Davis won’t help.

You need a small option. If it isn’t Johns, it has to be Terrance I suppose.

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Its important to get Davis back because he’s a better player than Johns. I’m sure having a small ball 5 is beneficial, but like you I want the best players to play. Davis is a poor-man’s Dickinson which makes him much more effective than Johns.

But yes, I agree about Williams. High energy + defense + opportunity to develop is better than what Johns is giving us.

The offense runs better with Davis (mostly because he sets better picks and knows where to go) but the defense is better with Johns.


I get the sense they just need to let Johns ride and roll through some mistakes. I can imagine it’s really hard for him to get any kind of rhythm going when he’s getting three to five minute long shifts once, maybe twice a half. He’s keeping a great attitude, at least seemingly.

Remember how Beilein would have such a short lease with guys on the edge of the rotation? This feels a bit like that.

Undefeated six games in and Davis out at least 2 months, time to give up on Johns. Can’t think of a more foolish action. Let’s use 6’5" Williams, who can’t make FT’s, as the backup 5. You have extra practice time before the next game, getting Johns more acclimated to his new role, is priority #1, followed by Dickinson working on his roll game and T Will’s FT shooting.