Podcast: Michigan State to the Sweet 16! Everyone else? Not so much

We talked a bit of Michigan at the end of this, FWIW.

just a classic “brendan trying to shove the contextual stats in a locker in favor of the narrative” at the start of this one :rofl:


I see what BQ’s seeing with regard to Juwan NBA takes

Juwan is not leaving while Jace is still here. I don’t even think it’s a remote possibility. I would be shocked.


Re: the argument about whether Walker is especially clutch/end-of-game good vs. being good all game long - I think it’s the wrong question. More relevant is whether there are players who are really good for the first 35 minutes who aren’t good in the last 5. (Like, maybe on UM?)

I guess my reframing is implicitly agreeing with Dylan that there aren’t any clutch players who aren’t also good in the first 35 minutes. If there was, it would probably be due to bad coaching that failed to get the ball to the player throughout the game rather than some special ability to perform at end of games.

I haven’t listened yet and not sure if I will have a chance - but my take on Walker is that he’s underutilized most of the game and then he’s the guy they want taking the late game shots so they feed him those opportunities. I think they should feed him more ALL game, not just late game.

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