Podcast: Michigan beats LSU, heads to another Sweet 16


Oh wow, as I’m leaving for a long drive for work I see this. Top notch timing on this one.


Regarding the Big Ten’s disappointment: I just want to brag and say I absolutely called this on the cbb subreddit.

Basically in alignment with Dylan’s take. Sure it was expected for OSU/Iowa to make a sweet 16, but there was just no way those teams were going to make a final 4. The B1G’s entire tournament performance was dependent on an injured Michigan and a hot Illinois. Illinois got upset which is always in the realm of possibility in this tournament and here we are…


Not as creative of a name as last time​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:

Somebody on that same reddit thread was even more prescient than you…

ShaneShakur 3 points 14 days ago
When you’re the big conference on campus, the only way to go is down.

The B1G will only put 4 teams in the second weekend, including two HUGE upset losses in the first two rounds, and one in the Final Four.

Here’s hoping they’re exactly right on that Final Four pick.


Brandon was trying to remember who called this a once-in-a-generation Illinois team - John Gasaway wrote it here:

Poor, John. All of those years of suffering to finally get back to the NCAA Tournament and now this. Sorry, Wonk!

Well, I guess he’s mentally prepared to wait another 16 years for the next Illini title contender.

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I’ve fallen flat on my face talking about College Basketball many times, the most recent example was me saying this Illini team was one of the most talented squads to come out of this conference in quite some time. I still can’t figure what went wrong, all I can think of is that Brad Underwood failed completely at preparing for this game.

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Man for man, ILL was more talented. Loyola won that game by virtue of their game plan and execution. On that day Moser>Underwood and I’m not sure that was a one-time fluke thing either.