Podcast: Making sense of Michigan and Michigan State with one week to go

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Since no game until Saturday, I was hoping you will do an “ask me anything” segment.

Given that we have found our back up center, will they start working Johns at the 4 the rest of the way (would make sense to me), or will they keep him at the 5 until the off season.


During the podcast when discussing the unlikely ascent of Purdue to the top of the league standings you made a statement that Michigan’s conference schedule was easier than theirs. I was wondering what went into that thought. As I see it, the games that they didn’t play are as follows:

– @ Purdue (tough game, possible loss)
– Illinois (win)
– @ OSU (probable win…especially now)
– Iowa (win)
– Rutgers (win)
– @ Nebraska (maybe tough earlier in the year…maybe)

– Michigan (tough game, possible loss)
– @ Iowa (tough game, possible loss…as we know)
– Wisconsin (tough game, probably win at home)
– @ Illinois (ask MSU about this game…)
– @ Rutgers (probable win, but road game)
– Northwestern (easy win)

I was just going off of the KenPom conf SOS numbers where Michigan is last. I guess looking at Torvik, Michigan might finish fractionally ahead of Purdue after playing at MSU.

I guess my point is that in a tie, I’d give an edge to Purdue for having a more difficult schedule because U-M/Purdue was at Michigan.

Either way, better point probably would have been that they are about equal. I believe Brendan’s original point was that Purdue played some kind of schedule that was way easier than the rest of the league.

Planning to record a pod tomorrow with a mailbag component if anyone has any Qs.

Why is Minnesota the way that they are?


If you are Michigan, do you secretly hope Nick Ward suits up for this game?

How many points does Michigan need to score to win?

How dirty did it make you feel to root for Little Ricky? I myself am considering a shower before bed.


I like getting to see him flash his eyes and moisten his lips in that edgy way of his.

Will Matthews play if he isn’t 100%?
If no CM, what will the defensive matchups be.
Will Johns back up Iggy.
Is the 5 days off a positive for Michigan?
Will we see Loyer in this game?

Was Brendan’s Twitter photo taken at a wedding, or at his second job waiting tables? Is that why he always urges us to tip our bartenders and waitstaff?

What do you think is the most likely way that Michigan will choose to attack switches vs MSU? Last year it appeared to be mostly slipping screens or ISOs when they faced switching