Podcast: Make way for ... Northwestern?! Things are getting weird in the Big Ten

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Nice pod, Dylan and Brendan. Great job on the intro, I’m sure that wasn’t easy to handle and you both did very well.

Rest of the content was great, as usual. I’ll admit I laughed at Dylan’s line about the Big Ten having a lot of leaky juice boxes. Micah Shrewsberry and Steve Pikiell better break out the duct tape, they’ve lost a lot of juice for sure lol

Tim Allen "Ohhwuh?" noise

I swear, sometimes I latch onto the dumbest stuff


Thing that struck me was during the NW discussion talking about Nance and Young leaving. Comment was made about how sometimes you need that reset and even though good talent leaves, the program can move forward.

Thought that situation could very easily apply to what we may have to go thru this off season.


look, if Pete Nance wanted to make the tourney, he should’ve stayed at northwestern rather than transferring to UNC


He took the easy way out. Kinda funny if it doesn’t work.

I saw on the broadcast where NW is a projected 7 seed. 5 dollars says UNC would be their 10 seed if that’s is where UNC would end up.

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IU 0-1 since Dylan discovered Woodson Island!