Podcast mailbag

We are going to do a mailbag on today’s podcast… Submit a few questions and we’ll answer them on the pod.

Do you agree with John Beilein’s belief that 7 players is enough to stand up to a long season which hopefully includes a deep tourney run? Is wear and tear a myth?

Bonus: between Dylan & Brendan, who possesses the greatest bench press?

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If Michigan and Michigan State could make one 1 for 1 player trade, what would the most mutually beneficial trade be?

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On one of the Big Ten games this past weekend, their color guy put up his pick for top fives in the league and Teske was not one of the top five.

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As I recall, he put up his honorable mentions and Teske wasn’t there either.

I saw the honorable mention tag, but they took the whole thing down before I could see who was listed. Four of the top five were Happ, Ward, Morgan, Fernando (Maryland). Don’t remember the fifth, might have been the kid from Minnesota.

My memory may be off, but I think they had Tyler Cook in the top five.

Didn’t get to all of these on the pod so I’ll answer some in the AMA today.