Podcast: It's March 1. Do you know where your Spartans and Wolverines are?

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I think Michigan has an excellent chance of beating Maryland Sunday and if they do, I think they will win in East Lansing.


Board Certified Sports PT here chiming in Re: Matthews and his ankle - A sprain by definition involves ligament damage. With an inversion sprain like Matthews sustained (his was not a high ankle sprain- totally different mechanism of injury) the Anterior TaloFibular Ligament is likely partially torn and possibly his Calcaneal Fibular Ligament as well. This in reality is not as severe as it sounds. I’m guessing he had either a grade 1 or 2 sprain. Grading explained below:
Grade 1- essentially a stretch injury to the ligaments (day to day)
Grade 2 - a partial tear of one or more of the ligaments (2-6 weeks)
Grade 3 - a full tear of one or more of the ligaments (usually 6+ weeks)

Hope he heals up well and I’m sure he’s getting hours of treatment a day to get him back ASAP


Another thing I love about this forum, the fact that we have people on here with a wealth of knowledge and expertise about a lot of things that help keep us informed including health and rehabilitation issues. Thank you for your perspective and your expertise!

I hope Charles’ injury is “not as severe as it sounds” for three reasons:

  1. He’s a GREAT young man and I (we) want him to FINISH STRONG in his career here at Michigan!
  2. We NEED him!
  3. Go back to number one!

Now, one more question. I’m having this shoulder problem…:wink::grinning:


I too love the Sports Medicine expertise here and Champion’s Eternal Optimism! We absolutely need Charles to finish the season where we all want it to go.

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