Podcast: Is it too late for a Michigan turnaround?

Yes. The season is over. Michigan will not win another game


Phew. Saved me the time it’s take to listen


Whoa, an entire pod devoted to Michigan. This is the perfect setup for disappointment


I am still taking it one game at a time and protecting myself from getting any sort of optimism. Dylan does a good job of banging the schedule drum relative to home games so let’s see where we are after this week. Also, when you realize that teams still have 40% of their conference schedule to play it makes it hard to know what to think.

Still cursing those CMU and Iowa chokes. Flip those games are we might actually be having wildly different conversations about what this team is capable of. Grr…


That’s where I am at. It is technically not too late for a turnaround of course, but I see little reason to think they can still make the tourney. They’ve played better of late, but there are still WAY too many glaring roster holes and too much ground to make up from earlier losses, to put much stock in it actually happening.