Podcast: How Michigan destroyed Wisconsin


Wow, 2 podcasts in 3 days? You’re spoiling us!

But really, thank you for the podcasts. I don’t think many fan bases get this wide variety of quality content.


I cannot describe the joy that seeing this post brought considering I just found out I have to drive up to Saginaw this afternoon for work.


Dylan and Brendan are men of the people!


Brendan doesn’t want you to throw shade at Columbia? I will:

Mike Smith is reaping the benefits of playing with a team full of shot-blockers instead of one full of stockbrokers.


The talk of player comps for Franz Wagner got me thinking. Franz reminds me of Kawhi Leonard on defense. I’m not saying Franz can be that disruptive in the NBA, but what he’s doing reminds me of how Kawhi gets his hands on everything.

Love following this team, and I always look forward to hearing your thoughts (both audio and written)! Thanks as always

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Terrible pod. I had to wait till the 42nd minute for my ever-important MSU update!

(Srsly, it was a great pod. Thanks for getting it out so promptly.)

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Have to agree with BQ that as bad as Iowa’s defense is…MSU still doesn’t have the firepower to outscore them.

I also am loving that, on virtually EVERY pod, one of you gets to say “Can we talk about Mike Smith?” lolol


Just wanna say Dylan that while I’ve always enjoyed the podcasts, your guys’ progression with this podcast has been really amazing and enjoyable. Feels like every time I listen it just keeps sounding better and better. Very lucky to have you guys!!


With Swag… nuff said!