Podcast: Happier Days. Michigan and Michigan State suddenly trending


Really fun podcast. I think people are underestimating the loss of Wahl to Wisconsin. That made MSU’s job a lot - lot - lot easier. The Illinois game will tell us more if Kofi plays.

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Terrific Pod!

I’d meant to mention this previously, but…. ADVERTISING !!

Firehouse Subs? I’ll have one. Hook-n-Ladder, please. Extra pickles.


BQ looking for validation on his Malik Hall take was funny. I will give him this…I didn’t think Hall would be this good of a scorer. He’s still not a 3 as was suggested preseason, but having a good year. So odd that Izzo doesn’t play him more.

Speaking of BQ, listening to Hunters stats since UNC made me realize he’s playing almost as well as BQ though Hauser was going to play last year. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Just finished the second half of the pod. Completely agree that the Wahl loss wasn’t nearly mentioned enough considering how limited Wisconsin’s supporting cast is. I totally agree that winning at Kohl is impressive no matter what. Take any road win you can.

The thing that gives me pause with MSU is their schedule. They have played NW twice, PSU, Minnesota twice, Nebraska, and Wisconsin without Wahl after MSU had five days off.


Heard something veryyyy interesting on the pod tonight. “The best player in the Big Ten, EJ Liddell.” And it wasn’t Brendan who said it. :smirk::sunglasses:


Ha! It’s interesting because last week I was ready to do a B10 POY pod and basically only argue for Kofi but then he had a pretty rough week (vs. Purdue and then out injured). He still might be my guy.

I also just wrote about Hunter’s improved play and definitely think he still has a chance to have a better Big Ten season than Liddell.

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OSU’s defense is still not great though. However Liddell had doubled his BLK%

Let’s remember that a week ago MSU fans were making an argument that Gabe Brown should be a first team B1G player.

I know haha, was sitting on that for a while and then of course Hunter decided to be an absolute monster again and very well might end up as the best player in the league by season’s end (certainly wouldn’t complain about that tho).

We are in the over-reaction part of the B10 season…though I guess that’s all season… Every week really only has 1-2 games so we fill the void between them by over-reacting. BQ and Dylan spent a long time raving about MSU’s dominance over Wisconsin in this pod…which was just a week after we pointed out how bad MSU played at home against Northwestern. Michigan was on death’s door until they won two games and now we’re putting Hunter on the POY lists again. Such is life…it is fun to speculate off of these wild swings during the year.


Fascinating Indiana discussion that I tend to side with Dylan on. Not completely sold on Indiana being a tourney team. I do think though it was a horrible spot against Michigan on Sunday but the “Archie vibes” that were mentioned was strong.

Do like the idea though that PSU and Maryland are musts if your Indiana and you don’t want to repeat the trails that Archie has blazed for them the past few years.

Man the end of that pod got out of hand real quick. And I loved every second of it! #cornswag


EJ Liddell let Trayce Jackson-Davis take his lunch money and I haven’t been able to look at him the same since.

I think Kofi, Johnny Davis and Keegan Murray have separated themselves from the pack of the next best. TJD, Liddell, Hunter and all the Purdue guys belong in the second tier IMO.

If Illinois wins the Big Ten it has to be Kofi IMO.

I’m not convinced I guess that Wisconsin/Iowa are “best in the Big Ten type of teams” so I take points from Davis/Murray.