Podcast: Fresh Big Ten power rankings for the final 2 weeks of the season

I just finished. What a wild conference. Felt like every team ended in a conversation about how they need 2-3 wins down the stretch, then the guys would talk about it being feasible, then they would talk about one of the other teams and say the same thing. Going to be a wild ride down the stretch. Total chaos.

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I was also struck by the number of crazy close wins all season when all these teams are clumped together. Bad calls, fluke shots, injuries…

Speaking of injuries, I am not sure I completely buy Dylan’s theory that anyone who got hurt has been impacted as they play thru recovery…but the circumstantial evidence is compelling…

  • Jett hasn’t been able to score inside the line since his ankle
  • OSU crumbled when Key crumbled
  • Hall has been relegated to the bench for MSU
  • Wahl has fallen apart after an ankle injury

With some key players hurt right now like our guys, TSJ, and McConnell it will make for an interesting month.


Question for the next pod: is Ohio St actually just Northwestern wearing Ohio St jerseys?