Podcast: Figuring out the mess that is Michigan State. Also, is Michigan good?


I didn’t receive the clickon for this podcast. All I got was the intro. Anyone else that can’t access the podcast?.

Got it now thanks!

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Brendan eating crow at the beginning of the pod:


No, that’s both of them talking to us broken clocks here on the forum. :slight_smile:


BQ, a little more than halfway in: “So anything else on Michigan State to talk about before we move to Michigan?”

hack, for the first time ever: “YES! Keep talking about Michigan State.”


Possibly the only time I didn’t skip past the MSU section


Might go listen again!

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I don’t get the annoyance around BQ. I like him a lot. He defends MSU and isn’t as analytical as Dylan but he’s good at what he does and I appreciate how he covers both teams. We spent a long, long time with guys like Drew Sharp covering the teams when they felt like it.

I think the contrasting styles of BQ and Dylan make the pod entertaining. Teasing BQ about his blind spot for MSU is fun, but it doesn’t make me frustrated with him.


Quinn is legitimately unbiased, so naturally many call him biased. The blind spot he has for MSU is something that 95% of the national media also have. Just listen to announcers constantly talk about “Izzo having the boys back on track in a month.” I don’t take that as a bias, more just putting more faith in a coach with a long history of success than I personally do.


I don’t think many people are actually frustrated with him, but I guess I could be wrong. I think it’s just playing around


Yeah, I’ve seen the odd comment or two in some of the podcast threads implying that he is, but not this one. I have seen it more on 247, to be fair.

Well said. Izzo and MSU get the white glove treatment from most of the media…and as much as it pains me to say this, they have earned it. I don’t like many of the things Izzo does but he has an almost unmatched resume in the B10.

I will be fascinated to see how the rest of the season plays out and what happens with the Emoni Bates circus. If MSU turns things around it will further add to Izzos legend. If they crumble it will be something he’s never experienced before.


I myself am not annoyed with BQ – he’s great. It’s the nature of his specific job. You do want your local beat writer to spot the little things that the national writers don’t and produce canary-in-the-coal-mine scoops, but I think that’s an older set of expectations based on back in the day when beat writers were not asked to cover two teams at a time. BQ did a great job of that when he worked for MLive, and he remains the primary reason I pay for The Athletic. Today’s realities are such that guys like him are spread too thin to be the absolutely best they can be, but then again that opens up room in the marketplace of sports journalism for places like this site and mgoblog. On balance, that’s definitely good, IMO.

And to be fair, BQ wasn’t all that much more enthusiastic than Dylan was about MSU in the offseason. Now, many of us here were pumping the brakes on that, so I guess you could have mined this board for some useful bits of skepticism. But, then again, a bunch of homers popping off about the perceived weaknesses of their rival are going to be wrong a lot more than they are right.


Easy to seem like an MSU fanboy when your job is to write about/analyze them and theyve had an amazing run the last 3 years. If you have to write about/discuss a good team, then youre going to be writing good/favorable things about them.


Agreed. I don’t think he’s biased, but were I in his shoes I’d want to cover a Winston-led team through a real championship run, and you can’t blame a sportswriter for that.