Podcast: Even in quarantine, the pod must go on


Thank you! I was just thinking an hour ago that I could really use this.

45 minutes on Michigan State?! Closet Spartan fans! :wink:


I skipped over the MSU sections. Did Quinn award the national championship to Michigan State?


Maybe he settles down a little bit next year. If he was really excited to cover a very interesting player (Winston) making a very deep tourney run, well, as a reporter, you can’t blame him for being excited as a professional about that opportunity. Even if it did sorta blind him to the lack of senior role players required in order for that to happen.

LOL. We did go a bit long on the first part. More interesting (tangible) stuff to discuss there. Some of it also overlapped with Michigan talk, FWIW. Including some discussion of a few grad transfers who both are recruiting.

It continues to amaze me that people are convinced that Brendan is both an MSU homer and a Michigan homer. Incredible.

He is a St. Joe’s homer, though.


#GreenWall #BlueWall


I think if you paid attention when Martelli’s name first came up last May/June, you had the opportunity to really see and feel that.

I hope he’s enjoying it and all, but covering rivals like that has got to be a tough gig for these reasons. And I’m sure that just general frustration sometimes spills over into that homer discussion. As a fan, I want my team’s beat writer at all the games and writing about my team and not anybody else’s. And, truly, that may make the difference in whether I renew my Athletic subscription.

We are technically competition, but Brendan does a lot better job (covering both teams) than most beat writers who only write about one team.

The idea that he was biased because he spoke favorably about the preseason No. 1 team in the country (and best team in the Big Ten by a pretty wide margin) is a bit silly.


Yes, that’s silly. I’m saying that for those of us that miss having him as a full-time beat writer, sometimes that frustration spills over into misplaced ``he likes the other side more’’ kind of thinking.

For me personally, I’m not a big consumer of player-profile features, even though I bet he’s having fun writing them and they are surely good for his career path. I really miss the mlive-era version of Quinn, as he was a very steady source of little tidbits and extra info.

But, in the future, I’d like to make it clear that the wholly unreasonable side of me is ready to sound the homer alarm the very instant BQ proves that he failed to learn that Izzo doesn’t have a contender unless he has senior role players… :slight_smile:

I always listen to it all. It just made me think of the poster on Michigan’s 247 board link your pod, and state that “even though they are BOTH MSU Homers they both seem to know their stuff”

It made me laugh and encouraged him to look up your guys’ backgrounds. Yours especially!

I think it is great that you keep it professional even though you run a fan blog. A true journalist.


To the credit of both you and Brendan, you’ve made me more tolerable of Izzo, and by extension, MSU basketball

What? How? Why?


Yes, exactly. WTF. Explain yourself, please. :slight_smile:


Quarantine fever takes many forms. Let’s support each other during these confusing times.


Time for a zoom intervention. Someone send the calendar invite.