Podcast: Debating the official unofficial Big Ten poll

Which transfer do you believe will have the most impact in the B1G?

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That’s a good one. I’d settle for one of these three:

  • Marcus Carr (Minnesota via Pitt)
  • Akwasi Yeboah (Rutgers via Stony Brook)
  • Jahad Proctor (Purdue via High Point)

Any particular skillsets or qualities these players bring, making you lean that way?

I’d add: Nebraska’s roster


Carr will be Minnesota’s starting PG. Yeboah is very similar to Eugene Omoruyi who transferred out at Rutgers. Proctor is a guard who is a great mid-range shooter and pretty good 3-point shooter and that roster desperately needs someone who can shoot.


Was Beilein evaluating Proctor at one point?

His name was mentioned early in the grad transfer market but don’t think much serous came of it.

Msu. Mary. Ohio. Illinois. Mich. Purdue. Wisky. Iowa. Penn state.

Minnesota was shocked Carr didn’t get to play last year. He would have had a huge impact on that team.

What was his waiver reason? Traumatic 0-18 season in the ACC?



“I went to Pitt to play for Coach (Kevin) Stallings and his staff,” he wrote. “They recruited me, gained my trust and believed in me. They were fired after two years! It was a toxic environment and difficult situation for me personally. It took a major toll on me emotionally. I should not be punished for needing a change. The NCAA is overlooking my well being and my mental health. These waivers and transfer rules need to change.”

Who will be Coach of the Year? If Juwan places Michigan in the Top 3 of the league does he get that award?

If they’re behind MSU and Maryland? Absolutely. If someone else gets ahead of them like Illinois or OSU, it probably goes to Holtmann or Underwood.

Idk, if MSU wins the conference by 2-3+ games, seems like Izzo is a lock. Maybe if another coach can keep it their record within 1-2 games of MSU, then theyd get a look.