Podcast: Debating the official unofficial Big Ten media poll

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Does this talk about Diabite at all?

We didn’t talk recruiting at all, only had an hour.

Brendan needs to quit focusing on Gawlf. Masters ruined our emergency recruiting pod.


How likely would you say it is that Penn State absolutely crashes and burns? I guess they have an ok roster, but a team that (justifiably) fires their head coach right before the season where coaching is more important than ever doesn’t seem to be set up for success.

Addition by subtraction is possible with PSU given the reasons Chambers was fired.

I guess I don’t really see that in the short term. Definitely in the long term it will improve the culture of the program, but they need solid coaching right now not the prospect of a better atmosphere next season. Not having a real head coach to “play for” I could see them hitting a bump early and spiraling.

Those things can go either way. Interim coaches have done well at times as we all know. It’s got to hinder their recruiting more than anything.

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Dylan’s hate for Iowa is so great lol

Which is bigger - Dylan’s distaste for Iowa or Brenden’s crush on Hauser?

I couldn’t believe Brenden put him first team. I just don’t see how he piles up enough stats in a supporting role to make the team and I don’t see him as the star of that team. Brenden defended him being just a 9-and-5 third banana as a freshman because he was playing with a ball-dominate lead guard and his talented brother. So how’s that different than a ball-dominant Rocket Watts and Aaron Henry trying to make the NBA?

Also, for context, last year the three all-conference teams only had two guys who weren’t a lead guard or big man on them - Lamar “fill up the stat sheet” Stevens (1st) and Joe Wieskamp (3rd). I could totally see Hauser having a good year in the mold of Wieskamp…I can’t see him making first team.

Frankly, after Brenden’s All-B10 picks last year I’m surprised he just didn’t pick another center on the first team. :slight_smile: Last year he went with 9 centers in his top three teams.