Podcast: Debating the Big Ten’s top 25 players

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BQ really said that Jalen Smith almost shot as well from three as Cowan in Big Ten play… Brendan.

Jalen Smith in B1G play: 32.6%. Cowan: 33.9%. Not too far off. Volume is important though, and Cowan shot more than double the amount of threes per game in the sample size.

Yeah, I wasn’t disputing the %'s. Cowan shot 6.2 3P/game and Smith 2.3/game for one… and the types of threes each takes is incomparable. 95% of Smith’s three point makes were assisted. Cowan shoots a significant amount off the dribble. Opponents are likely fine with Smith shooting threes (even actively leaving him open). Opponents are working to prevent, or make more difficult, Cowan’s 3P attempts.

Essentially, comparing apples to oranges.