Podcast: Buying and selling in the Big Ten

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Weird how Wisconsin football and basketball feel so similar and Iowa football and basketball are so diametrically opposed.

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I really don’t agree with the idea that we cakewalked to the elite 8, kind of undersells how good our team was last year even without Isaiah Livers. LSU and FSU were as good of opponents as any Elite Eight teams had.


They were good teams, and LSU was much better in terms of talent than their seeding would indicate, but they were also teams that we matched up well against (even if the national media thought otherwise). Doesn’t mean it was a cakewalk though.

My point was just that Michigan wasn’t playing particularly close to its best during the NCAA Tournament and it was still a basket away from the Final Four. It was a weird season, but I don’t think LSU or FSU was particularly good.

I think it just speaks to how incredibly good they were at full strength last year. Sigh.

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Gah, a Moving Screen podcast. No wonder I couldn’t find a new Pin Down podcast last night. Dylan, may make sense to note it in the subject header if there are other dummies like me just skimming headlines.

Sorry. Have had some scheduling issues with the Pin Down last two weeks. Will try to get them ironed out.

Just to be clear, I didn’t mean I was impatient for a new Pin Down podcast, I meant that I saw the headline here for a new podcast, later that day went to find it in Pin Down and didn’t, and assumed that it just wasn’t published yet. Didn’t even think to look in Moving Screen.