Podcast: Breaking down the coaching hires in the Big Ten

Any ideas who central Michigan may hire?

Been pretty tightly kept so not sure. I’d like Andy Bronkema, the current Ferris State head coach or Ben McCollum, the head coach at Northwest Missouri State to get it personally. NW MO State has won 3 of the last 4 national championships where there has been a tournament. The one they didn’t was won by Bronkema and Ferris State.

Went to the Cornerstone University basketball camp when I was in middle school and was coached by Andy there for a summer or two. Great guy who deserves the success he’s having. As a Chippewa, would be really excited to see him get the job.

I went to CMU as well. Would be thrilled with him being the guy. To be honest I thought it was a no brainer. It should’ve been done and wrapped up by now. He lives an hour away in Big Rapids and is from Mcbain. He wouldn’t really have to uproot his family and be somewhere where they don’t know anyone, and he’s a proven high level coach who can pull kids from Detroit, Saginaw, Flint, transfers etc.

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Hey, I thought Fife left because Stephens was the heir apparent. s/