Podcast: Breaking down Michigan's recent roster movement


Mentioned in the podcast was the concern of not having enough ballhanders in a press break situation with the loss of DDJ. Could this be a role that Brandon Wade could help fill? I would figure that he would get a real opportunity at being the backup 1 over Zeb Jackson given his experience.

Brandon Wade averaged 1 point per game in the A-10. Lets pump the brakes


I would be pretty surprised. Wade is a good PWO but I wouldn’t factor him into the rotation right now.


Is Bajema really that much of a long shot for minutes at the 2 that he doesn’t even get a mention?

I guess I’m buying into the Ant Wright hype too much regarding him but I still think that he is an intriguing option as a backup ballhandler given the lack of options for a true 1 on next year’s roster at this point. https://twitter.com/itsantwright/status/1213299578889555973?s=21

Ant has a personal connection to the kid so he’s going to keep pumping him up. I wouldn’t buy what he’s selling.


Probably more a product of the element of the position we are talking about as far as searching for ball handling options against pressure, shot creation for others, etc.

Yeah, I love Ant, but his desire to be a “freethinker” often results in him putting crazy takes out there based on emotion or a desire to be contrarian. Brandon Wade isn’t factoring into the rotation next year.

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I believe you also qualified it as 6’5 or shorter in the discussion, so you’re in the clear for the Bajema oversight :wink:

With Aiken announcing tomorrow and Jace Howard a walk on, and whatever else might happen overnight, I think another pod may be necessary tomorrow :slight_smile: