Podcast: Breaking down Juwan Howard's early decisions

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Sorry ya’ll, started with MSU this week. Some good Michigan talk on the back half though.

Early prediction: this pod is awesome with lotsa awesomeness

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No apologies necessary. Michigan fans are only half of your target audience. That has been clear since the first pod… we have just been treated to minimal amounts of that green nonsense the past couple of pods :wink:


Good podcast with Phil Martelli, I think he’s going do really well on the recruiting trail. Also if it wasn’t clear by the Christopher offer, it seems pretty clear Juwan and the staff plan to go after the best of the best.


Good find @goblue8. I think Quinn mentioned on the podcast that Martelli loves to do radio interviews of all sorts. A good example.

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You think Howard puts a gag order on him? Not a good look when the assistant upstages the head coach.

Interesting to hear

  1. Juwan reached out to Martelli first
  2. How early in the process Juwan reached out

Get the brand out there, especially in markets Juwan can’t easily reach. As long as the message is positive, as long as the coaches are on the same page…doesn’t matter as much who the messenger is.

I find it hard to believe that Martelli will have anything other than a normal assistant’s media profile. It wouldn’t help to do otherwise.

Depends on the ego of the head coach, also as yostghosts said this type of thing is a good thing if juwan is okay with it. It helps spread and promote the um brand.

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Maybe UMHoops can do a weekly with Martelli??


It’s impossible for him not to. He was a well known coach. And it’s not very common for a successful, long tenured and outspoken coach to become an assistant.

Let’s put it this way. I don’t think he’ll be made available with as much frequency as he’s been accustomed to.

That was a Philadelphia radio show. If the Philly media wants to keep hearing about the Michigan basketball team from Martelli, I say we accommodate them. There is no downside. As far as the local and national media go, I agree with you. Juwan is the voice of the program. We’ll see and hear his assistants less.


I think just his knowledge and contacts will be huge, whether he is actively recruiting or not. People who like him will be on the horn to him.