Podcast: At long last: The Michigan vs. Michigan State preview


Looks like I’ll take an hour walk and listen to the experts dissect the matchup

There’s a podcast featuring Coach B and Coach Izzo?!? :wink: Sorry I couldn’t resist! :smiley:

That’s crazy… both programs have some good history, but until Beilein-Izzo they’ve never been really good at the same time


If you look at MSU’s history, there’s not a lot there before Heathcoate. Only two tourney appearances and two conference titles. Heathcoate had great teams in his first couple years, which coincided with Orr’s downturn. Then a bunch of mediocrity after Frieder was hired, then MSU started becoming good again in the 90s. I would bet a majority of the rest of those other ranked matchups game during Fisher’s tenure.

Very good guys!

MSU’s history is basically 2 years of Magic Johnson and then Izzo. And Izzo just happened to coincide with “The Crash”.