Podcast: An NCAA Tournament Take-a-thon on Michigan and Michigan State


Late night pod!!!

I don’t get the Leonard Hamilton hype tbh. Obviously FSU should be happy with him given that they’re a solid competitive team… but like what is so special about him as a coach that people feel confident he’s going to overperform and make a F4 at some point? Seems like a guy who wins with dudes. How often do “wins with dudes” guys make deep tourney runs (unless you’re a modern Coach K or Cal)?

EDIT: This is his 33rd year as a head coach, all at high-major programs. He has one Elite 8 and 3 additional sweet 16s. Feels like a pretty average performance overall. This is not a dude who is knocking on the door of a Final Four all the time. “I just have a feeling this guy is going to make a Final Four before he retires” is something you say about Mark Few in 2015 or whatever, not Leonard Hamilton now.


He recruits well and generally has athletic defensive teams. I think FSU will always be good enough that if they get the right draw they’ll probably make it eventually.

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The thing with Hamilton is that he seems to be getting better. The last 5 years have been pretty fantastic, and were looking at a 2 seed last year. And has the #2 recruiting class in the country this year.


He’s coming off of an Elite 8 and Sweet 16 run. They were a top 5 team in the country last year and probably get to the second weekend last season. After only two seasons with 25+ wins in his previous 28 years of coaching, he now has 3 in his last 5. And around half of FSU’s total tourney appearances and conference titles. Miami’s basketball program didn’t even exist between 1971-1985 and he was only the second coach after the hiatus, so what he did there was pretty impressive.


Also judging by his appearance, he’s young enough to coach for another twenty years.


Kinda crazy how life turns out. After Rawls screwed him out of the Hopkins gig he’s gonna go on to have an incredibly long coaching career in retirement.


Dylan comin’ out throwing :fire: at BQ!!


He’s definitely had stronger recruiting success/on court success recently, but I’m skeptical that’s gonna continue forever. Feels weird to expect a guy to be now become consistently great 30 years in. He could breakthrough and make a final four… but it’s not like he’s churning out 10 kenpom teams all the time or whatever.

Can someone remind me, what was BQ’s take regarding MSU that he got right?

I think it was about the bubble. Basically that MSU had to beat Michigan to get in.

Damn it, now I’m pissed about that game all over again! Stupid whoever on MSU that Eli landed on!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Do you feel the same as Brendan about being disconnected from Selection Sunday? Or is that just him covering the golf this year during it

I was just razzing him for covering golf this weekend.

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Unreal, what a ridiculous spectacle lol

I swear I remember on one of the earlier pods he said something about putting MSU and some other big name school in the play-in game as 11 seeds too. Something about it being must watch and hating to be the 6 seed facing an 11 seed MSU.

You seemed convinced on that Porter Moser was an option for IU. Parrish and Norlander we’re saying Beilein is the floor for that job. He might be third, fifth, or whatever on IUs list, but if they get to Beilein after Brad Stevens and Scott Drew say no, they make the offer whatever Beilein needs to be their next coach. I feel like that’s the case here, unless he gets picked away by another school first.

You also talked about Beilein still being available next year. What odds would you give to him beaning a coach for the 2021-2022 season? Over under for 75%?

Over. I think we said that we couldn’t imagine him sitting around on a BTN set next year.

Hamilton is also recruiting hot, which we should know here because we lost seemingly half the five stars on our recruiting board to him.