Podcast: A weekend in Indiana brings Michigan State and Michigan closer together


BOO. MSU #1 in power ranking. I guess I’ll give you a pass since they were so impressive for 10 minutes against Purdue. A phenomenal loss!!

Good point on neutralizing Ward in first 8 seconds of shot clock.

As an aside, Wheeler on Purdue, physically reminds me so much of Greg Kelser from his MSU days. I think Kelser probably a little taller, but they have very similar physiques

Brendan had the first pick, FWIW. But I also don’t disagree with him in the sense that MSU has been the better team (efficiency margin) vs. the better schedule in Big Ten play.

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Sure, but you guys left Michigan at #1 before the loss but while MSU still had better efficiency margins during Big Ten play. So I guess it’s just confusing whether this is really a real-time ranking or not. Still love the podcast though!

Going to be an interesting podcast. Purdue was fortunate to win at Penn State, Indiana tried to give game to MSU, but MSU wanted no part of it, and Michigan just never got on track from foul issues

The basketball world waits in eager anticipation.