Podcast: A postseason wrap on Michigan and — big yikes — the Big Ten

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I’m not sure if my heart is ready for this but I’m jumping in anyway.


Did Quinn drop a scoop saying Johns will be moving on? Thought there was speculation he may be back?

That caught me off guard too. :thinking:

Truly think the B1G conference tourney needs to be played at least a day sooner or just go away completely is fine with me. It is a money grab for the conference that gives no advantage to the universities.

BQ isn’t ready to join us in bizarro world where BJJ could return to do…whatever it is he would do.


I agree that it has little value or advantage…but what problem are you solving moving it a day earlier? The risk is that a team in the finals doesn’t get the boost in their seeding because of that game…but that’s not much. They already got a boost just from getting there.

Good recap Dylan and I think you hit on a key point. The force multiplier right now in college basketball is sophomore pros. That won’t paper over all of your issues, but it is what separates great teams from good teams. Michigan with some of their NBA guys coming back could be dynamic. Michigan without them could be in the NIT.

For Diabate and Houstan my pitch would be to show them all of the examples in recent years of sophomore guys making a leap and improving their play and draft stock significantly - Franz, Ivey, Davis, Murray, Stauskas, Burke, etc. I would highlight how they will be the focal point of the team next year and how Juwan can uniquely set them up for future success based on his track record and NBA connections.