Please keeps things civil

If you think this might be a warning about your behavior, it probably is.

These boards have grown a lot over the last year and a number of you have been a primary reason why. However, we need to try to avoid personal attacks, etc. You can disagree about something, but talk about the issue at hand. Don’t call each other names and complain about each other constantly.

If you think you might be crossing the line, you probably are. So take a step back and just try to be a little more civil. This goes for everyone. But please, keep posting there’s been some good stuff here lately and I think this board is slowly starting to catch on.

Thanks guys!

For once I acutally don’t think this is about me. :slight_smile:

No matter how stupid I may seem, be nice.

We’re all Michigan fans here (hopefully) and so if we have different opinions on things, they should be respected instead of ridiculed. Also, I think it would be best for the boards if the “Michigan basketball Doomsday Predictions” stopped…

I apologize if I’ve offended anyone or said anything inappropriate. I know I always defend JB and its hard for me to hear people bash him. He’s a great coach IMO and I know he’s not perfect, to be honest when the negativity starts, I’m jumping out!


Go Blue!