Playing around with graphics to use in posts

Need your feedback on some of these charts. Thanks guys. Click to view full size.

Anything else that you guys would like to see? Is the box score easy to read? Would love feedback, hoping to post these in a new post that we’re going to do at the final buzzer with some instant analysis.

Really like the circle charts. Perfectly encapsulate the data points. The box score ‘heat maps’ are okay, but why not include reb, and assists?

The game flow chart is the only one I can’t really follow. I think I understand the premise, but without a legend or some team labels it could be confusing.


Agree that the game flow one needs work.

I think I need to lower the threshold for rebounds, blocks, etc. because they are included, just a poor example (or too high of standards). Will continue to tweak. Working on one more that deals with shot distribution.

The box score is easy to read but what are the highlighted stats indicating?

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One more that I think could work… Height of the bars shows volume, coloring is efficiency. Here you can see U-M fired up a ton of threes and missed them, Arizona pounded it inside.

Or when Michigan won at Kohl Center two years ago with a barrage of mid-range jumpers.

Love the shot distribution and circle graphs. The box score and game flow charts seem a bit unnecessary to me since I can find those easily on the more traditional sports media sites.

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Yeah… I’ve had people ask about box scores in the past though, so putting them in an immediate reaction post in a slightly more readable fashion might be worth trying. Also… 2s/3s/eFG is much more useful than FG/3FG to me personally.

But what are the highlighted stats indicating?

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Like the circle charts and the four factors. Even if – as a non-stat guy – I never really understand their significance. The game flow chart is interesting but I fear it will only serve to make me mad if Michigan blows a huge lead in some B10 road game. I like the idea of highlighting pts, rebs, and ast leaders in the box score. A cool feature for game previews would be somehow visualizing the relative size (height & weight) of the projected starting lineups. For the postgame, it would be cool if you had a “three stars” graphic showing your subjective picks for the three game MVPs for U-M, along with key stats.

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Just rules that I came up with for given stats.

Like > 6 2PA and over 55% gets colored green… Less than 40% on twos and 6 att gets red.

15 points, 10 rebounds are green, <30% 3PT shooting red, >40% green

5 steals, blocks, assists are green… 5 turnovers red.

These are all arbitrary right now and I’ll probably tweak them.

This is the biggest trainwreck of a board format I’ve ever seen.

You weren’t around the scout boards when they tried to switch over. Woof. I think it’s fine. No better or worse than previous format IMO

Seems like most people like it from what I can gather (correct me if I’m wrong)… What would you like to see changed?