Player Comparisons

I’ve been trying to think of comparisons between current UM players and current NBA players. I don’t know how many of you follow the NBA game, but was wondering if you guys had any opinions. I’m trying to determine whether certain Michigan players’ game styles will translate into the NBA based upon precedence. Some people refer to McGary as a poor man’s Kevin Love, which in terms of rebounding may be accurate, but McGary needs to develop a reliable jumper before that comparison is even close to being accurate. I think Nik Stauskas plays very similarly to Gordon Hayward of the Utah Jazz. Anyone want to share their opinion on the matter if they have one?

McGary - poor man’s David Lee rather than Kevin Love

GR3 - less length/shorter version of Wesley Johnson - great athleticism but limited in terms of ball handling ability but respectable jumpshot

Stauskas - Hayward is a fair comparison, although I think Nik handles the ball better

LeVert - not really the best comparison, but I’d say George Hill, as neither really fit the mold as a prototype PG or SG, but have the skills to play both adequately and their respective teams require both players to man both positions at certain points of the game. Both pretty good defenders

Morgan - Chuck Hayes, good position defender but not much else

Spike - nobody really comes to mind

Irvin - poor man’s Trevor Ariza with less athelticism, above average perimeter defender, spot up shooter on offense

Walton - need to see more of him

Horford - bad comparison perhaps, but Josh McRoberts in the fact that he’s usually invisiable on the court, not in a good way or bad way, and sometimes surprises you with an athletic play that makes you think - “where the hell has that been all year?”

I can’t really top some of the comparisons MattD suggests, but I will throw out there that Stauskas has a lot of similarities to Chandler Parsons, though Nik is at least 3 inches shorter. I also see a younger Mike Miller at times with Stauskas.

Well Nik did say that he modeled his game after Mike Miller last season. I think the coaching staff compares him to Klay Thompson of the Warriors, they have like a poster in the locker room or something like that. I don’t see the Thompson comparison other than 3 point shooting prowess. Stauskas seems much smaller.

Spike reminds me of that little PG that played for the Mavs a couple years back.
Not in all aspects but just in the notion that you look at them both and think “no way they belong on the court” but then they show their game and give their teams a needed spark.

Ahhh…JJ Barea…he came to mind for me also for the same reasons you mention.

Spike = Kirk Hinrich.