Planning a mailbag this week

Hit me with your questions here.

Is donlon’s gap defense supposed to help stop dribble penetration with better help from the gap defender? You prefer to not get beat of the dribble but when you do… Against ucla we dug from the gap and reached, but didn’t get over to stop the drive.

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What are your thoughts on why the sum of the parts this year appears to be less then the total sum? What I mean by this is that we have two top 50 kids in Walton and Irvin who have played decent throughout their careers. We have two top 100 kids in Wagner and Wilson who are finally playing up to their rankings. And then we have MAAR who was not highly sought after out of high school but who has played fairly well over the past two years. Add in an average center in Donnal who played significant minutes last season and I would have expected a bit more success this season. Why is there so little chemistry with this team?

Should Beilein be force feeding the freshmen more minutes every game, ready or not, to help them develope? Or, is it more important to insure that we get the win and hope that fatigue doesn’t catch up to us later in the season?

Based on the sample size so far, what’s your best guess as the true Michigan team? Do they trend upward, neutral or downward from their current kenpom key o and d stats?

I’d worry that fatigue is leading to late half and late game poor play in the short term.

Why hasn’t Walton improved very much statistically over 4 years?

Rebounds, Assists, and Steals are down from last year, while turnovers, points, shooting % haven’t changed much. Really not much improvement from freshman year to senior year…

My go-to question these days (sorry for being so redundant) is “Why won’t X shoot”?

On a related note, is Michigan running it’s full offense yet with X in the game or are they running more basic sets or iso plays when Simpson’s on the court?

How about an update on the over/under post?

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Real odds on Bamba going (our particular shade of) Blue?

I’ve got a random question: Why does Michigan give such a huge chunk of the Maize Rage seats, particularly behind the opposing team’s bench, to the opposing team’s fans? Can’t we push those fans behind the net or in a corner out of sight of the tv shot? Wouldn’t it give us a little more home court advantage having our fans in the ear of the opposing team? Asethetically, it would look much better with a sea of maize behind BOTH benches. Curious if there is a league requirement on where and how many seats are given to the visitors? Otherwise, what are we thinking?!


What do you mean “real odds?”

Wouldn’t surprise me if it’s league policy to provide parents seating directly behind the opposing bench.

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Yeah, I’m pretty sure that most schools give the opposing team seats behind their own bench.

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Dylan’s (more knowledgeable) opinion on the odds of us getting Bamba vs our fan (possibly dreaming) perspective.

Who has been flying under the radar on this team this season in your opinion?

This kinda goes with @mgobluehoops23’ question but I’d be curious to see a Rotation power rankings. Meaning of the 8 (or 9 counting Ibi) guys that play, who’s playing the best relative to expectations and whose minutes should be on the rise or downfall?

Will Wagner go for 30 points in a game this year? If not him, then who?

Early B1G wins prediction? What improvements/failures are most likely to move the needle? Just how big and bad is our schedule?

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