Pin Down Recording Day! We need your questions

We are recording this evening so send over some questions you want us to tackle on the pod.

  1. With things slowing down for Devante and Collins improving all the time, who do you think is our winning-time PG in March?

  2. Why does BJJ need a starter to get injured to realize his potential?

Who more raises the ceiling of 2021-22 more, Isaiah Livers or Xavier Simpson? In other words do we need more shooting and talent on the wings or steady point guard play?

It’s apparent that the team is starting to move away from ball screens as the foundation of the offense. What are the new wrinkles added to the offensive strategy that will replace that initial ball screen action? It’s been so long since UM has not started their sets with ball screens it’s hard to envision what success looks like without that. Are there other teams (in college or pro) that are good comps for what UM is now trying to do?


Johns played at the 5 in both halves. How did he do?

Why are players becoming infatuated with using the hand closest to the basket to put up layups? Is there some reason for this (trying to get the ball up quicker and mess up the defenders tempo)?

In Devante’s case, he seems uncomfortable finishing with his left. Last night, he made a take wildly more difficult trying to finish with his right.

After solving all of the teams problems last night, what is the teams ceiling?

Michigan down 1 with 15 to play, what’s your play call?

Can Caleb Houstan dunk?

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Fortune teller game:

Pick 1 Statistic that, if you knew it now, would allow your best prediction of Michigan’s final record (don’t subvert the question by saying Wins!). EG, Frankie’s minutes or BJJ total 3PA or Opp 2 pt %. Obviously there’s a huge difference between an individual stat vs a team stat, so maybe pick both if you’re inclined.

The disrespect!


If you had to guess right now, when Michigan has a crunch time situation in the NCAA Tournament, who are the 5 on the floor?

So the right answer is almost? :smiley:

Is Moussa far better off as a 5 in college? Like, should 90+% of his minutes be at the 5? I feel like lineups with him at the 4 have too little spacing. And I feel like offensively, Moussa has been most effective in the post, with other offensive elements being secondary.

Is it an overreaction based on one game (Nebraska) to say Michigan works best with a stretch 4? In other words, do we have the Purdue problem with Edey/Williams in that it doesn’t make sense to play Moussa/Hunter at the same time? Or does Moussa’s defense plus whatever upside mitigate the spacing/shooting issues?

Does Michigan have an unusually high number of left-handed players on its roster? (Do you have the information to answer this question?)

It seems like ambidexterity would be more of an advantage for basketball than for any other sport - do we have actual data about how common it is at the highest levels of the game?

Is the Michigan team that we have seen over the last 2 games enough to make you think they are kind of turning the corner from some of the early season woes or just flukey because it hasn’t been against incredible competition

Do you think there will ever be a roughly 8-9 man rotation on a consistent basis, and if so, who’s on it?

Between MSU and UM, based on what we know now, who do you guess does better in the B1G by record and who do you think goes further in the tournament?

Is there any room for Zeb Jackson hype? Looked decent in limited minutes still working his way back, but seems like the next closest thing we have to a wing after Caleb

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