Pin Down recording day... let's hear some questions

A lot to unpack from last night’s game. Let’s get some podcast Qs.

What about last night led to Houstan having a good offensive game as opposed to what has been happening in games he struggled? Aggression? Play calls? Simply seeing an early shot go down? Individual matchup?

With the starters in the game and Hunter has the ball in the post with no double yet, where should everyone be standing and what should they be doing in an ideal possession world?

A general Big Ten question: Is this the most high-end talent the league has had in a while? Do you think it will lead to more tournament success for the conference.

Fun one: Who would win and how would it play out between a team of Mike Smith, Chaundee, Franz, Livers and Austin Davis versus the best five-man lineup off the current roster?

Was our 1.32 PPP more attributable to running our halfcourt offense successfully or exploiting physical mismatches, set-invariant?


Frankie’s perimeter shot is so broken (miscalibrated :grin:) that it makes me wonder if he needs lenses. From your observations, is his poor outside shooting purely technique?

I’m not Dylan but I wonder if Frankie is so physically strong that it affects (ruins) his jumper. As we saw last night his outside shots tend to be missile launches rather than front-end rim grazers. It has happened before. Even this year people are asking if Anthony Davis put on too much muscle.

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Jace is playing well. Is there a way to use him more?


What’s your opinion on the relatively low number of T-Will and Hunter minutes together? They pretty obviously like playing together and it gives Hunter more space. Seems like a no-brainer to me to line up their minutes.

I like that question a lot. We’ve heard so much about the natural chemistry they developed in AAU, but only se brief glimpses of it here. Seems hard to believe the staff can’t make their two-man game a part of the whole.