Picture of freshmen arriving on campus

This was just posted on Twitter:

Teske looks seriously big. Xav not so much.

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Lol I thought the exact same thing. X is probably 5’10 and not 6’0. Can’t wait to see these guys play though!

As we have seen before, it is hard to judge height from a photo. In this case, note that X is standing in the rear and Jon is the most forward.

I was very encouraged by the last senior year highlight reel of ibi. Showcased a lot of things I didn’t know he had. With this 2017 class looking up so far I keep forgetting him a bit. I think he will end up having a nice career.

Anybody else excited to see Teske listed at 245? In this picture his calves sure don’t look small. Considering how skinny he looks in the upper body 245 is impressive.

Yes, I was a little worried that he may be one of those “stick men” who can never put on any bulk. Hopefully, that was more of an age thing.